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They ‘swing both ways,’
they ‘sing it both ways’—
they’re the Sugar Twins and they’re coming to town 

The Boston Globe - February 11, 2000: 

"You haven't gotten a good dose of sunlight in weeks, and you're mood is as gray as the crust on your Honda. What you need is some beach blanket bongo, a surfin' safari, a couple of hotties in sunglasses. Good news: The Sugar Twins are just what the travel agent ordered. Poured into go-go boots and Bond-girl mini dresses, Holly and Honey Sugar (who claim to be fraternal twins born to traveling circus performers) pogo, pony, and shimmy through some of the sunniest and silliest tunes we've heard since we encountered another bewigged outfit, the B-52's. But where the B-52's go for quirky and odd, the Sugar Twins are hilariously girly and sex-crazed. With vocal harmonies that bring the dear, departed Mary's Danish to mind, the Twins croon and tease about everything from one-night stands at the "Days Inn" to the perils of having to choose from "2manyboys". Meanwhile, the guest players on their disc, "Patio A-Go-Go!" (including Slide's Suzi Lee, Morphine's Dana Colley, and Seks Bomba's George Hall) help keep the very good times rollin'."

The Boston Phoenix - December 1999
Local Pop Top 10- the year in review
Cellars by Starlight by Brett Milano

. The Sugar Twins, Patio-A-Go-Go. If the title characters in the cult film Revenge of the Teenage Vixens from Outer Space had a band, they'd be the Sugar Twins. Chirpy, gregarious, and proudly sex-crazed, the Twins and their back-up crew (including folks from Eight Piece Suit and Seks Bomba) take the surf/cocktail trend to new heights on these 12 musical mash notes. 
*Semifinalists in Musician Magazine’s Best Unsigned Band Competition*

 "Patio" is a record for a good time. It’s a big swirly lollipop. It’s a soundtrack for a heavy Hawaiian trying to fit into big America.
It’s a sliver of a red candy sucker, stuck to a white shirt. It’s a record for an evening beach party complete with flaming torches and wet bikinis. It’s a record for naked twister. It’s the color pink. It’s a record for your imagination, for your libido. Patio A-Go-Go is a tidal wave of love. And sex too." 
The Noise

"Their playfully seductive personality harks back to the glory days of bachelor pad pop, though the sound also recalls the glory days of the B 52’s…the Twin’s love kitten concept is pulled off with wit, style, and of course, sweetness."
 The Boston Phoenix

"Opening the show was one of Boston’s best up-and-coming bands, the delightful Sugar Twins. The two women were in rare form as they twisted and shimmied their way through their kooky catalog of should-be hits, such as "Blind Date In Chinatown", "Patio A-Go-Go", and "Mood Ring". It doesn’t get any sweeter. 
Bay Windows

" Their act is like an over-sexed issue of Tiger Beat, and not to be missed for big smiles, some ogling, and a little shimmy. Think Shangri La’s meet Gidget at La Sexe Shoppe!" 
Cheeseball Magazine

"They wisecrack nonstop in performance, sing in unison and harmony, and use synchronized dance moves while baiting the audience with high-spirited sexual innuendo." 
The Boston Globe

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