Holly and Honey are spending the summer driving around the country sunnin' & funnin' in their '65 Buick Skylark Convertible checking out the coolest  surf spots and drive-ins in the USA!!!

See you in September!!


What's New!

The Sugar Twins are featured on Little Steven's Underground Garage


Show #116 June 18, 2004 "Beach Party"
Show #117 June 25, 2004 "Not Fade Away"
Show #119 July 11, 2004 "Jack Nitzsche"

Played in Boston on WROR 105.7 FM Sundays 10 PM - 12 Midnight and on Satellite Radio all over the Galaxy!

"The coolest song in the world this week...contemporary garage from Boston...the track is 'For You' by The Sugar Twins...the album is called 'Patio A-Go-Go'...and a hell of a record it is...it's so phenomenal it transcends time."

Little Steven Van Zandt (The E Street Band, The Sopranos)

Check out the absolute best radio show on the planet!!


Old gigs

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