Music Style:
Fun and Sexy Original Sugar Pop Rock
Musical Influences:
Many Surf & 60's Bands, Beach Blanket Bingo Movie Tunes
Similar Artists:
B52's, Go-Go's, Nancy Sinatra (2 of 'em!)
Artist History:
Holly & Honey were born in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire on June 6, 1969 - the year that "Sugar Sugar" by the Archies was #1 on the charts! Their parents were performers with a small family circus that traveled the USA every year. The Twins were separated for a few years after their Uncle BoBo passed out with a lit cigarette after a clown party and burned the main tent (and himself) down, putting an end to a 50 year old family tradition. The girls penchant for performing  evolved into dancing and singing pop/rock for Holly in Pittsburgh, and Honey doing stand-up comedy and singing country in NYC. The family reunited in the Boston area, and the Twins put their heads together along with their cousins "The Bottom Brothers" to form a new band. "Patio A-Go-Go" was born!
Group Members:
Holly Sugar..............Vocals, Danelectro DC-3 Turquoise Sparkle Guitar, Ovation & Fender Acoustic
Honey Sugar............Vocals, Percussion of All Sorts 
Lucky Bottom...........Drums, Bongos, Noise
Wood E. Bottom.......Many Guitars & Reverby Amps
Rusty Bottom...........Bass Man
.....and other great guest Bottoms!
Patio A-Go-Go!
1999, Swang Records, Brookline, MA
Boston, MA
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